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Player Profile: Women’s team – Hannah Roberts

Get to know our Women's captain in our player profile series

  • #18 Hannah Roberts
  • “Futsal is definitely my number one”
  • DOB: 22/08/1999
  • Nationality: English
  • Derby Debut: 17/11/2018 vs Team United Birmingham
  • Apps: 15
  • Goals: 3


Hannah has been the team’s captain since day one, and has played in every game since the team’s formation. Despite being a naturally defensive player, she is willing to play any role for the team. She also captains the University of Derby 1st team in BUCS competition. She has scored three goals in her 15 appearances.

When did you first start playing futsal?

Football’s been part of my life since I was born as that’s how my parents met (my parents were both massive Chelsea fans ((still are!)) that followed the team home and away in the 80s/90s), and I started playing when I was 11, but besides a couple of taster sessions I never played futsal properly until I joined uni.

Derby Futsal Club and University of Derby have ties going all the way back to the origins of the club. But more recently ties have become stronger, which you are an integral part of, how has the relationship grown?

I joined the uni team in 2017/18, and immediately fell in love with futsal and jumped at any opportunity to get involved. Matt Hardy started coaching us halfway through that season, and at the end of the year he approached myself and Heather [Keith] about wanting to put a team into the NFL, as Derby Futsal Club. We didn’t really know what it would entail but we jumped at the chance to play more futsal and got to work organising it. That first year the team was made entirely of players from the uni team and we didn’t train outside of the sessions we already did at uni, but the club’s grown exponentially since then!

Do you play any other sports?

Lacrosse is a very new venture for me but I’m loving it! I’ve also played netball since I was in primary school. I try and do all four but it’s difficult – futsal is definitely my number one and it always takes priority for me.

As team captain, and President of University Futsal, you must inspire those around you, where do you look for inspiration?

I honestly just love all sports, I love being competitive and being part of a team – especially such a special team like this DFC squad. Ultimately I just want to push myself; I believe that whilst you cannot control if you’re the most talented in a group, you can control if you’re the hardest-working and most dedicated. That applies not just to sports but all aspects of life.

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