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Player Profile: Women’s team – Heather Keith

  • #6 Heather Keith
  • “We have new players, a new energy”
  • DOB: 09/11/1997
  • Nationality: English
  • Derby debut: 17/11/2018 vs Team United Birmingham
  • Apps: 9
  • Goals: 9

Heather is the team’s all-time top scorer, with a healthy record of nine goals in nine appearances across the last two seasons. Our #6 put her name in the record books as DFC’s first ever female goalscorer in the team’s first ever game, and also bagged the side’s first ever hat-trick in the 7-5 defeat to Loughborough in December 2018. Heather’s silky skills combined with thunderous strikes make her a force to be reckoned with against any opponent. She is another University of Derby graduate, and she plays football for Notts County FC.

Let’s start at the beginning, when were you first introduced to futsal?

So I think it was at uni, I’d not heard of it before and thought it was like 5-a-side so decided to give it a go – and I’ve not looked back since!

It doesn’t feel like 5-a-side at all now, it’s got more rules and structure to it! 

You were one of the founding members of Derby Futsal Women’s team, right? Tell me a little bit about how Team Derby evolved into DFC.

Yeah I was – so we started out with a fair few of us who had played uni football and futsal together so it made it easier to merge players into the squad. Originally we hadn’t had much futsal experience outside the uni environment, so it took a while to adapt to the National League futsal standard. Myself and some of the older girls had other connections with past uni girls or external players and wanted them to join the fold. From that, we started to lose that ‘uni image’ and began to attract players from various backgrounds of football and futsal. Now we’ve got far more players who weren’t involved in Team Derby and have really evolved into DFC. A team including various uni experiences, football and futsal experiences including some with international experience! We’ve come a long way and will continue to grow.

How would you describe your style of play?

I’ve always wanted to score goals and contribute to the team getting into the right positions and putting the ball in the back of the net. Whether that’s right foot, left foot, long distance or a sweaty goal – you can’t beat that feeling! 

I think my game is a mix of wanting to score but also wanting to set up my teammates. I enjoy moving from up the court to the fix. Having a bit more possession trying to control the game doing simple passes but then being able to spot that cut through pass to give an opportunity on goal. I love finding that killer pass and creating goal scoring opportunities. Goals will always be a main part of my game and I’m hoping I can keep adding more for this season ahead!

If you could describe last season from your point of view in 280 characters (length of a tweet), how would you describe it?

Last season was a mixed bag, results didn’t go our way but we’ve learned from this. We have new players, a new energy, and I can’t wait for the new season to get underway!

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