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Captain’s Reflection: Kate Wright looks back on the Summer Showdown

As the Summer Showdown comes to a close, Women’s captain Kate Wright reflected on the experience for the team.

Derby Futsal Club following their 7-2 victory against London Genesis.

An emphatic 7-2 victory against London Genesis saw Derby take three points from their first game in the group stage. It was a dream start for a plethora of debutants and was a brilliant return to the court for the team who hadn’t played a full game in around a year.

The second match up was against a tough Cheshire Futsal Club side, who won the game 5-0 and progressed onto the semi-finals.

Kate Wright was delighted with the journey and displays the team put on, noting, “Looking back I’m really proud of the team and the club as a whole for what we managed to achieve. 

“Our outlook was always to take each game as it comes and try and implement as much of our training as possible. It’s been a great learning experience for all of us and it’s given us plenty to focus on moving forward. 

“We take the rough with the smooth and I truly think the summer showdown will make us a better team in the future.”

The side saw various players join during the lockdown, including Audrey Huskisson-Moore who netted two in her first appearance, and many return to the side, and Wright was impressed with how the team managed to come together for the competition. She went on to say, “I think the group has a really great mix of university players and seasoned players which I think is really refreshing. 

“There are plenty of new relationships being formed and also lots of existing ones and I feel as though every time we’re together those relationships are getting stronger.

There’s always room for improvement in this aspect of the game especially with such a new squad like ours but the friendships being made are really positive and it’s exciting to see where they lead.”

Going forward Derby will look to build on these relationships, and make a side formidable to face in upcoming competitions.

The development excited Wright as she went on to say, “I think everything is looking really positive for the future. We continue to build our squad and are finding our place in this fabulous futsal world but all the signs are pointing toward a really positive outcome. 

“I can’t wait to develop this club and work with such passionate players and staff. Our potential is frightening we just need to keep pushing forward.”

The return to Futsal has been overwhelmingly positive for Derby, and for Kate Wright and the rest of the team alike, the future looks bright.

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